Sunday, March 17, 2013


For a while, whenever I'd go without writing on this blog for a while it was because I wouldn't know what to write about. However, the reason I haven't written on here in the past number of weeks is because I simply didn't have the time or desire to do the actual writing. To remedy this, I decided to shorten up my posts, so that they're more of a quick blurb rather than a detailed review of sorts. 

Song: Showbiz
Artist: Muse

In Muse's distinct symphonic rock sound, a creatively intricate instrumentation with a strong synthesized feel builds the intensity of the track. Every note played, word sung, and drum hit has a distinct purpose which complements the song's intensity and creates powerful shifts between chaos and order. In terms of form and style, it's definitely atypical, reflecting its creators. This is not the song you would expect to consistently hear on the radio, yet it's remarkably catchy in its unique right, with an overarching motif which transcends through both the vocals and instrumentation. Although the lyrics are somewhat repetitive, they fit perfectly within the song's interesting structure.

I'd recommend listening if you enjoy Muse, alternative music in general, or just something different than the mainstream. In this age where mediocrely constructed songs are the norm, and the main emphasis is creating a radio-hit simply for the potential payout, Muse has provided a breath of fresh air through all of their music, extending back to their 1999 debut album which gave us this song. It's something strange, it's something different, it's something unique, and it's something absolutely amazing.

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