Sunday, January 20, 2013

Song of the Lonely Mountain

For anyone who's seen The Hobbit, this is the song that was playing while the credits rolled at the end. For anyone who hasn't seen The Hobbit, don't stop reading just yet; there's a good chance you'll enjoy this song regardless!

Song: Song of the Lonely Mountain
Artist: Neil Finn

Let me elaborate on my introduction by saying that part of the reason I love this song so much is that I read and fell in love with The Hobbit growing up, and then I definitely enjoyed the movie when I saw it a few days ago. This song was specifically made for the movie and does contain references to The Hobbit, which makes it more meaningful and interesting for those who know the story. However, that does not mean that anyone who doesn't know anything about the story won't appreciate it anyways. Trust me. 

The song contains many parts from J.R.R. Tolkien's poem "Over the Misty Mountains Cold," (that may or may not be the correct title; I'm not sure) but Neil Finn did a beautiful job writing other original lyrics that subtly capture the story as well. 

The track has a very flowing, alternative feel to it. The guitar part brings in hints of some folk influences, as do the intricate percussion rhythms. String arrangements throughout aid the flow of the song, and the vocals add to that with a slightly ethereal feel at times, very muted and beautiful, complete with an intriguing backup "chant" of sorts. Overall, the song is very emotional, capturing the desperate intensity which is present in the story/movie itself. 

There are so many reasons regarding why this song is so captivating. Naturally, fans of The Hobbit will enjoy it more for knowing the story it's based upon, but even those who don't will likely still enjoy it. Although that is something I can't guarantee, this song is so beautifully crafted and performed that I think it would be hard for someone to not like it, especially if he/she has musical interests similar to mine. Seriously, give it a shot. And if you haven't already, go read the book or watch the movie. It's a fantastic story! 

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