Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've long enjoyed this group, and have wanted to highlight them for a while now. Today seemed like the best opportunity to do so.

Artist: Apocalyptica

Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band, composed of three classically trained cellists and one very talented drummer. If that doesn't spell "unique" to you, I really don't know what to say.

They started out performing Metallica covers, but have grown to include elements from a wide variety of genres in their music. And although fans of rock might hesitate at the prominence of cellos and lack of vocals, there's no reason to be afraid. It's a very different sound to be sure, but it's something so different from the rest of the rock scene that it should not be overlooked. Plus, to put it simply, their music is amazing. They're all so incredibly talented individually, and thus the final product is something to take notice of for sure!

If you're still not convinced, a lot of people have heard of Apocalyptica through the numerous tracks they've done with various vocalists. I've listed a few below, and you might recognize some of these collaborators.

Some of their standout tracks include;
• Quutamo
• Path
• Inquisition Symphony
• Sad But True
• Enter Sandman
• Not Strong Enough (featuring Brent Smith)
• I Don't Care (featuring Adam Gontier)
• I'm Not Jesus (featuring Corey Taylor)
• End of Me (featuring Gavin Rossdale)

I chose to shine the spotlight on these guys today for a couple auxiliary reasons (aside from the fact that they are remarkable and deserve much more attention than they've gotten) which revolve around a couple of the musicians they've featured.

Firstly, it's Brent Smith's birthday today, so a very happy 35th to him!

And, for anyone who hasn't heard, Adam Gontier has chosen to resign from Three Days Grace. If you want to know more, the internet is at your disposal. I'm not here to rewrite what's already been said; I just wanted to highlight the career of an amazingly talented musician. Although he's chosen to explore a new chapter in his life, his music will continue to reach the ears and touch the hearts of many people around the world. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, and thank him profusely for what he's shared with us over the past number of years!

But back to Apocalyptica, I'd strongly recommend giving them a thorough listen. If you don't, there's a very good chance that you're doing yourself a huge disservice.

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